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What is Vidi Smart Glasses ?

Vidi Smart Glasses is a medical device developed for childrens’ Amblyopia occlusion treatment.

Latest innovation for the treatment of Amblyopia on Children

How much effective is Vidi ?

Vidi Smart Glasses can totally achieve the CLOSING treatment of your child’s lazy eye by tracing of an eye doctor.


Vidi Electronic Occlusion Glasses for Amblyopia

BNM Fabrika Biyo Nano Mikro Teknoloji San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Adres : Oruç Reis Mah., Tekstilkent Cad., A20/Blok, No:48, Esenler / İstanbul 34235

Tel: + 90 212 982 22 66

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Fax: + 90 212 982 22 70

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 Smart Solution For Treatment of Amblyopia.

Healthy and Happy Children

Treatment of Amblyopia will be very easy from now on. While your child is having his/her routine daily activities, Vidi Smart Glasses can make the closing exercises work for him/her. Smart, electronic, easy, enjoyable, scientific and efficient closing method.

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Vidi Smart Glasses is worldwide and nationwide sold at our authorised selling points and directly by our company Continue…

Information For Doctors

It is presented that Amblyopia can be treated by using Liquid Crystal (LC) Shutters.  Continue…

Vidi Akıllı Advantages of Vidi Smart Glasses 

Local, Smart, Effective, Light, Two different color alternatives, anti-reflection coated   and other advantages…

How to Use ? 

With pleasure and joy.    Read More…

Frequently Asked Questions

We are pleased to answer your probable questions. What is the price?Read More…

Vidi Smart Glasses in the World

Our aim is to export Vidi Smart Glasses to 30 countries in 2015. Information For International Sales…


Amblyopia is an easily curable disease if diagnosed in early ages. Read More…

What is the operating principle ?

Vidi Smart Glasses will be regularly closing the lazy eye in order to treat the lazy eye and force the lazy eye to work properly on its own.  Read More…

Research and Development Process

Vidi Smart Glasses is developed after intense studies of our special team for over a year time. Read More…

For what reason you should use Vidi Smart Glasses ?

Using Liquid Crystal Shutter Systems is the very last and exciting technologic innovation for the closing eye treatment of childrens’ Amblyopia. Vidi Smart Glasses has both increased the effect of Liquid Crystal CLOSING and brought user friendly and handy design into life.

How effective is Vidi ?

You can apply Amblyopia excersise treatment by using Vidi Smart Glasses under control of a doctor THOROUGHLY. Operating time , doctor control and the level of amblyopia will be the determining factors.

What is the technology of Vidi ?

Vidi Smart Glasses, with special Liquid Crystal Design, provides more efficient closing treatment. With smart electronic design, Vidi has the ability to increase the closing time gradually. This facility will help your child to adopt more easily. These features are unique and first in the world.unique and first in the world.

Is there a scientific study about Electronic closing ?

Several  international clinic studies are held for electronic closing method by different resources. Success of the method is published  in numeric data. No side effect is reported.

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