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What is Vidi Smart Glasses?

Vidi Smart Glasses is a medical device developed for Amblyopia Occlusion treatment of children.

Vidi Smart Glasses operate by occluding the dominant eye intermittently. This type of occlusion will help to force the amblyopic eye to function and develop while protecting the dominant eye from reverse amblyopia.

It is vital that Vidi Smart Glasses should be used under the guidance of and with follow-up from an ophthalmologist. The device can be used with prescription glasses if required.

It is registered to Ministry of Health as a Non Sterile Class I Medical device

Vidi Smart Glasses is an efficient, comfortable and stylish alternative of closing with eyepatching application.

What is the working principle of Vidi  ?

Vidi operates on the principle of forcing the lazy eye to work properly. Dominant eye is gradually closed by liquid crystal screened special glasses, closing is adjusted on specific and adjustable time intervals. The main working principle of Vidi is similiar to eyepatching application. In addition, Vidi positively involves children into the treatment by regularly and electronically  closing the lazy eye. The idea of  using LCD glass ( which inspired our studies) is firstly mentioned in medicine literature by American scientists in 1994.


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